Our well-trained and experienced staff and the high performance of our data processing systems ensure that our bookkeeping or administrative support services are performed in a highly professional manner.

Our firm uses several different accounting software systems and can thus offer each of its clients the tool which best corresponds to its structure and needs. A mandate is executed in its entirety by one specialist, under the supervision of a senior overseer. All financial information can then be obtained either electronically or in the form of written reports.

Our administrative support services:

  • General bookkeeping, debitors, creditors
  • Payroll
  • Bank portfolio accounting and consolidation
  • Preparing end-of-year statements, audit support

Portfolio accounting and consolidation

Our up-to-date and high performance software allows us to offer more than a simple portfolio valuation. Our clients can receive more detailed information, for instance:
  • Balance sheet with asset allocation
  • Profit and loss statement with details of costs (management fees, brokerage fees, custody fees), including gains or losses, realized or not, resulting from fluctuations in market value or foreign exchange rates
  • Portfolio performance over a given period based on the average amount of capital
  • Performance of each position held
  • Consolidation of assets and liabilities to determine global performance