Industrial sector

Industrial sector

As firms that are active in the secondary sector generally have considerable financing needs, the proper management of production costs and cash flow are fundamental elements of their success and durability. The need to invest a significant percentage of the turnover in research and development of new products also represents a challenge for industrial firms.

Baker Tilly Spiess has a solid know-how and wide experience in dealing with these challenges, particularly in the fields of consulting, search for new sources of financing, financial planning, establishment of business plans and tax planning. We also offer a specific follow-up of investments and an ongoing analysis of production costs based on a specific management information system.

Our global approach to the combination of financial, fiscal, accounting and administrative issues makes us a preferred partner of entrepreneurs.

Alternately, or in parallel (if the criteria of independence can be respected), we can also serve as auditor and effect a limited statutory examination. However, an ordinary audit becomes necessary for firms that employ more than 250 persons, or have a turnover of more than CHF 40 million and a balance sheet with a bottom figure over CHF 20 million. Nevertheless, even firms of moderate size, recognizing the need for an efficient and fitting system of internal control, frequently opt for an ordinary audit while still needing from their auditor the certification which can be requested by creditors.

In addition to the audit report, we provide to the client a memorandum of recommendations, also called a management letter.

Clients who rely on Baker Tilly Spiess benefit from the support of a true partner whose critical and constructive independent view can lead to solutions that fit a specific situation.

Our global objective is to relieve entrepreneurs of the day to day financial, accounting and fiscal problems, thus allowing them to concentrate fully on their main activity, managing the firm.